Query the server’s current status. The server should respond with a general “HTTP 200 OK” response if it is alive and accepting commands. The response body should be a JSON object describing the state of the server. All server implementations should return two basic objects describing the server’s current platform and when the server was built. All fields are optional; if omitted, the client should assume the value is unknown. Furthermore, server implementations may include additional fields not listed here.

Key Type Description
build.version string A generic release label (i.e. “2.0rc3”)
build.revision string The revision of the local source control client from which the server was built
build.time string A timestamp from when the server was built
os.arch string The current system architecture string The name of the operating system the server is currently running on: “windows”, “linux”, etc.
os.version string The operating system version

(Not part of the official Webdriver specification).




  • <Object>: An object describing the general status of the server